Near-Field Optics of Localized Surface Plasmons
Marco Salerno - Karl-Franzens Universität - [2002]
In this work an investigation of Localized Surface Plasmons occurring in oblate gold nanoparticles was performed, by means of optical Near-Field methods based on the Photon Scanning Tunneling Microscopy technique. The measurements were supported by Green´s Dyadic Technique calculations as the theoretical counterpart. After a short introduction of the theory concerning both optical Near-Field and light-matter interaction in metals, the experimental setup is described and discussed first, with particular attention to the constant distance scan mode, performed by means of Shear-Force measurement with a quartz Tuning Fork sensor. Then the experimental results are presented, in increasing order of sample geometrical complexity, starting from single particles and moving to chains i.e. 1-D arrays, and gratings i.e. 2-D arrays, both with regular spacing. Finally, an example of light transport by means of a gold nanowire working as a sub-diffraction limit waveguide is shown. We think that both the examination of interaction among the particles, performed in both Near and Far-Field, and the exploration of a solution for light transport on the same nanometer scale, are a significant step towards the realization of Plasmon based optical nanodevices made of noble metals, which will probably be the future of integrated Photonics technology.
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