Analysis, Modelling and Application of Advanced Power Semiconductor Devices
Rosario Pagano - Università degli Studi di Catania - [2004]
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    The present thesis is intended to provide an exhaustive analysis of innovative power devices, by means of the analytical, experimental and simulation approach, which are applied throughout this work, organized in the following sections:
    1) Section one: IGBT devices submitted to short circuit conditions have been experimentally characterized in several test conditions, in order to focus the physical parameters which are highly involved during the fault transients. Such a study has been also extended to multiple connections of IGBTs where current and voltage imbalances are of concern. Besides a suitable circuit for protecting IGBTs against fault transient has been proposed.

    2) Section two: low voltage power MOSFETs devoted to synchronous rectifier applications have been studied by resorting to advanced two-dimensional (2D) finite-element grid simulations in order to explore the internal plasma dynamics of such devices. A suitable 2D model has been implemented in the simulator, aiming to provide a mean of investigation during design for device optimization. Emphasis has been given to the electrical performances of the MOSFETs in buck converters devoted to high frequency VRM applications.

    3) Section three: high voltage Merged PiN Schottky (MPS) rectifiers based on a Super Junction technology are analyzed by using a two-dimensional simulator in order to explain the role of such a technology on the reverse recovery characteristics of the diodes. A performance comparison involving the MPS diode, a conventional PiN diode and a Schottky rectifier is proposed aiming to highlight the level of improvement obtainable with the MPS structure device.

    4) Section four: a new monolithic Emitter-Switching Bipolar Transistor (ESBT) has been experimentally studied to derive a behavioral model of the device in the PSpice simulator, by also accounting for the influence of the temperature. The electrical performances of the ESBT have been analyzed in high voltage power converters, particularly dwelling upon the on-state and turn-off power dissipation losses experienced by the transistor in application.

    5) Section five: power IGBTs in half-bridge configuration are analyzed in short circuit condition by taking into account for the current oscillation phenomenon. Suitable protection circuits against the fault condition occurring on IGBT devices are presented and discussed. Two methods are proposed for the short circuit protection of the high-side switch in a half-bridge configuration, which are the sensing resistor approach and the Hall effect sensing one. Besides, an undervoltage protection circuit devoted to rectifier systems based on IGBT devices is proposed and analyzed.

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