Studio della accuratezza dimensionale del processo di formatura incrementale tramite macchina di misura a coordinate
Alberto Guadagnino - Università degli Studi di Cassino - [2003-04]
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    The realization of sheet metals products and components represents one of the most relevant business area of the national manufacturing industry.
    The market requires more strategic and operative flexibility, pushing the industry research, in the last ten years, to innovation. In this industrial scenery, a new sheet deformation process comes out, where the concept is to obtain the desired model trough the progressive action of a simple form tool.
    The incremental forming is a deformation process which uses the relative movement of a metallic hemispherical head punch onto a sheet metal. The use of any type of die is avoided in this kind of technology, reducing the necessary tools to just a simple fixturing system of the sheet and a punch. The total absence of the specific tooling assures not only great savings on the tools costs, but redeems the production of the rigidity and dependence from the logistic chain, which marks the stamping plants.
    This thesis develops a particular treatment of the incremental forming. It tries to make clear the process by presenting the geometric parameters and the many variants which allows the optimization of the production quality and times.
    With the purpose of verifying the goodness of the product (cup-shaped), a study has been undertaken and the errors of the process were evaluated.
    The research was developed thanks to the use of a CMM (Coordinate Measuring Machines), which assures exact measures and generates real profiles even of complex surfaces.
    Finally, some charts have been reported, for each considered cup, showing the trend of the geometrical errors.
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